I’ve been asking myself lately why exactly I am feeling the urge to create a blog for “For the Love of Maps.” The further along we go into the Information age, the less time people seem to have for reading anything beyond the headlines. So will people read a full blog about random bits of history and such? This has very little, if any, impact on the growth of the business. So is there really any business sense in doing this? And truth be told, I do not even really have the time to sit down and type up a blog.

But alas! I do have the time! You see, my kids don’t really like to go to bed. They are fascinating little humans that I love the heck out of. But bed time, oh dear old bed time, is a test in patience. I’m sure if this was a blog about parenting I already would have failed for not having some clever technique for getting three kids to bed with lavender oils and Mongolian throat singing or something like that. Instead, I lay with them, I answer their questions about life and the sounds of airplanes outside and why our dog is so stinky, and then we put the Country Coffeehouse station on Spotify and it gets quiet...if we are lucky. But that silence can be utter deception. See...they aren’t totally asleep and if I dare try to sneak out, there will be hell to pay. So I stay. I wait. I read my Facebook feed 40 times. I look up historical artifacts on eBay. I explore random places on Google Maps/Streetview. It would be a perfect time to work on the business. But doing graphic design on an iPhone is like trying to rake the yard with a fork. So I let the time go by and try to enjoy a few quiet minutes (OK, probably an hour) with my littles.

This is why I have started a blog. A chance to keep my mind active. Because Facebook for this amount of time each night will steal your soul...and confidence in humanity. More importantly, because I have interests that I want to share and hopefully, just maybe, someone might appreciate that. And honestly, this is as much about me and my own personal interests as it is another medium to extend the reach of the business.

What will this blog be about you ask? A whole lot of everything. But mostly unique travel and history related items with a dash of the inner workings of “For the Love of Maps” thrown in for good measure. It should be fun. There will be nothing political, unless you are really reaching for it to be political. I think we have enough of that elsewhere. So sit back and enjoy! 

If only the kids slept as good as the dog sleeps.