Do you guys do custom prints, color changes, or resized prints?

Regrettably, no. We simply do not have the manpower at this time to create custom prints and due the nature of our print shop (they require certain minimums), we do not offer custom colors or sizes.

What size are your prints?

All of our prints are 11x14 (inches). Unfortunately, we do not do resized prints at this time.

Do your prints come framed?

No. See the “Frames” link at the top of this page for info on where to get “that frame.”

Where can I buy your prints?

Etsy! We do not currently sell our prints via any other online venue. Here is the link:

How are your prints shipped?

All of our prints are packed in chipboard envelopes, then stuffed between two pieces of cardboard, then put in another bubble envelope because we do not like when the post office damages our prints. They are then shipped via USPS First Class mail. If you need your print sooner, we do offer Priority shipping at no extra charge if you ask nicely!

I have an interesting business proposition that maybe involves me putting one of your prints on TV or buying your business for 4 billion dollars. How do I reach you?

Email is your best bet. We can be reached at

Can I eat one of your prints?

You can, but it is not generally recommended. They are lacking in nutritional value and are not very tasty.