Born and Raised in South Detroit

In 2012, from a cluttered office that has since been transformed into our adorable daughter's nursery, I created a little piece of d├ęcor for the kitchen of our new home. That piece, a map of Italian Foods, became the very first of our prints to grace the pages of Etsy. Two years later and we are busting out as many maps as time will allow. A good chunk of our basement has now become "Map Central" and the future is looking up!

Prior to Etsy, I tinkered with various ill-fated ideas on how to make some extra cash via the Internet. This included a "Great Beards of History" website, which garnered some good attention on social media, but failed to really do much for the family. Then everything fell into place. I closed up shop with the beard gig and never looked back.

Forming a business was something I never imagined myself doing, but here we are, with prints in every state of the Union and several countries around the world. They've made it to offices in Times Square, the sets of sitcoms in Hollywood, and even to the outskirts of the Australian Outback. As a lover of geography, history, and the world in general; this is a fantastic ride that I hope never ends.

Chris & Nina

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