For the Love of Maps was founded in 2012, when we decided to create a little piece of décor for the kitchen of our new home. That piece, a map of Italian Foods, became the very first of our prints to grace the pages of Etsy. Two years later and we are busting out as many maps as parenthood and day jobs will allow, transforming our basement in suburban Detroit into a sort of “Map Central.”

All of our prints are thoroughly researched and created digitally by hand using a couple different illustrator applications. The research and design process, depending on the detail level of the print, can sometimes be rather extensive as we hope to embrace the true character of a place/topic with the words we use. For example, our city skylines do not just contain a list of street names, but rather the museums, dining institutions, universities, buildings, stadiums, and other locales that genuinely make that city what it is.

Prints from For the Love of Maps have been sold to every state in the US and several countries around the world. They've made it to offices in Times Square, the sets of sitcoms in Hollywood, and even to the outskirts of the Australian Outback. As lovers of geography, history, culture, and the world in general; we have embraced For the Love of Maps as a perfect medium to express our creativity.

Chris & Nina Brown, Founders & Creators of For the Love of Maps